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The 8th hole at Canal Shores is the shortest

The fairway is at top. The yardage sign is at bottom.
The fairway is at top. The yardage sign is at bottom.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Canal Shore Golf Course’s, eighth hole is the shortest hole on this course. From the rear, Blue teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 137 yards. (Canal Shores Golf Course is at 1030 Central Street, Evanston, Ill.)

From the White teeing ground, the average distance is 129 yards. One hundred seventeen yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. The hole has a #17, course hole handicap for men and a #15, course hole handicap for women.

Course architects wedged the eighth hole into a narrow space pointing southeast. This space is between Linden Street and Maple Street. This space is east of the Chicago Sanitary Canal.

The fairway is very narrow. In fact, this fairway is the narrowest on the golf course. Although there may be a few bumpy spots, the fairway is generally level.

Medium height trees are on both sides. These are oak trees. The trees on the left side have wider spacing between them than the trees on the right.

Although there are no sand bunkers on this short fairway, there is a lateral water hazard. This hazard is behind the trees on the right side. It would be difficult for golfers to hit into this water hazard because a fence separates it from the rough.

There is a small sand bunker on the putting green’s left side. (This bunker’s width is less than 20 feet.) This bunker is less than 10 feet from the putting green’s, front edge.

The small putting green has the shape of an incandescent light bulb. Its elevation is approximately two feet above the fairway’s level. This putting green probably has the same elevation as the teeing grounds, which are also above the fairway’s level.

Most golfers should drive with 8-irons or 9-irons. Golfers should apply backspin so that their balls remain on this small putting green. Errant shots that are more than 20 yards to the right or left will be in the rough or up against a fence. Golf balls that fly more than 20 feet over the putting green will probably be on Maple Street.

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