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The 8th Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival

The 8th Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival
The 8th Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival

The Gasparilla International Film Festival started last night with a film starring Tampa Native Brittany Snow in 'There's Always Woodstock' at the Tampa Theater. The film also stars Jason Ritter and Katey Sagal and was a crowd success. Many films are featured this year and some are bringing back people who once attended schools here or lived here. For instance, Ricardo Villarreal graduated from the University Of Tampa and has now taken up to making movies. Co-Director and Producer of 'Ride with Larry', Villarreal is bringing to the audience a film about Parkinson's disease and medical marijuana therapy. The movie is about Larry Smith a police captain forced to resign due to his Parkinson's disease and the reaction to his taking of medical marijuana and the positive effect it has on his life. Which is a big subject in the state of Florida. There are two bills of medical marijuana being discussed in the Legislature and Attorney John Morgan has been able to get an amendment to the 2014 ballot for the legalization of medical marijuana to the ballot.

The viewings of all the movies will take place at the Tampa Theater, Centro Ybor 20, Cinebistro in Hyde Park, The Tampa Museum of Art, and The Firehouse Cultural Center. Check ahead to see which movies play where.

Along with the Films are classes and discussions that are open to the public. There will the great parties that go along with festivals like this. Take for instance, the celebrity bartending event to be held at 717 South a nice place in beautiful Hyde Park.

Did I happen to mention that with all that is going on our beaches are beautiful this time of year with temperatures in the 70-80 degree range. It's springtime remember.

So come on down to Tampa and enjoy the sunshine and the films that will entice you to come back again and again. The Gasparilla International Film Festival runs through Sunday March 23rd, 2014. Enjoy.