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The 717 VMA’s Bitter B*tch Section

Some of the winners, critics, and supporters of the 2nd Annual Video Music Awards
Some of the winners, critics, and supporters of the 2nd Annual Video Music Awards

The Second Annual 717 Video music awards (VMA’s) were held at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Harrisburg and social networks were buzzing with negative comments about the event.When good things happen in Harrisburg Pennsylvania we should be able to reach back and pull each other up, unfortunately, like crabs in a barrel there will always be bitter angry people who will emerge even in the midst of something positive which seems all too common for the City of Harrisburg. Negativity will always breed negativity and that benefits no one. What benefits everyone is showing respect and giving credit where it's due. If you are dissatisfied with the agenda for the Second Annual 717 Video music awards then do something to make it better by offering constructive criticism, paying attention to the nomination rules, build your fan base, and deliver quality work.

Dream Productions Presents Second Annual Video Music Awards

With this kind of event you will always have that entourage with no home training, the guy who runs on stage for his 15 seconds of fame, a performer who could have done better, and a few sore losers that leave before the event concludes. However, when it comes to doing great things in Harrisburg or simply trying to be encouraging you must always reserve a bitter bitch section for people who aren't happy with themselves, people with self-esteem issues, anyone in denial of hate in their heart, and those who hinder without helping. This section will also include the people who complain about nothing to do in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, yet, they still complain even when presented with new opportunities and venues. These are the same individuals who talk about the violence in the city, how "bad" the youth are, and everything else that's lacking. People who are secure with themselves do not put others down to bring themselves up especially at the expense of our youth and our community.

The Second Annual 717 VMA’s brought more talent this year with better performances, new faces, fun categories, more diverse audience, and a variety of music genres. What I enjoyed the most was the creativity of the young people who performed with so much courage, focus, and positive energy. If not for the 717 VMA's I would have missed out on their youthful message. Several studies have shown that the performing arts help build positive self-esteem and confidence both valuable tools needed to face the many challenges of life. The performing arts are also a great outlet that can drive our young people toward more positive activities in a city that ranks high in homicides per capital. Recognizing people for their talents is a great impetus for a paradigm shift from a negative mindset into a more positive one, and in the process, get our communities to support each other and our youth in positive endeavors that make for a brighter future for all of us.

When Tiffany “Dj Exel” Gonzalez gave her acceptance speech for Dj of the year she said something that I live by and encourage. “You can’t care about what anybody has to say; you have to REALLY not care and keep going”

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