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The 7 Hottest Games To Watch For in 2014

Since they are due out in a very short time, you will not see titles like TitanFall, Infamous: Second Son, and The Elder Scrolls Online on the list as the main focus is on games that will be coming later in the year. Many of the games are likely getting polished up for E3 this June where we and others in the press will get some up close and personal time with the games prior to release.

With that in mind, here are some big things to watch out for this year.



Fall 2014

The folks who made Halo such as smash hit have promised an epic Science Fiction adventure that concerns a few surviving humans who are under the protection of a mysterious and powerful orb. When a new threat arrives, Humanity must work to find a way to defeat the threat and survive.

The game has co-op play and looks to be a huge leap forward in adventure/action games. I have visions of Borderlands with an even better enemy A.I. and graphics.

Alien Isolation

Creative Assembly/Sega

Fall 2014

Sega has much riding on this survival horror game. There have been those who have speculated that after the disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, this game may have been scrapped had it not been well into development. The game casts players as Amada Ripley who 15 years after the events of “Alien” is trying to find out what happened to her mother.

The search leads Amanda to a space station where the Black Box from her mother’s ship has reportedly been found. There is an Alien on the loose on the station and with no weapons, Amanda must find a way to escape and survive.

The look of the game is very retro and along the lines of how the future was envisioned for the first film. The Alien is said to be smart enough to set traps, evade traps, and acts like a living creature would. The challenge of the game is accomplishing tasks without drawing the attention of the creature.

New Call of Duty


Fall 2014

As sure as snow, crowded stores, and a guy in a red suit arriving each November, gamers can also look forward to the next release in the Call of Duty series. Ghosts has had a few setbacks from gamers who were not happy with various elements of the game so it will be interesting to see what changes are ahead for the widely popular franchise.

The Order 1886

Ready at Dawn/Sony

Fall 2014

This exclusive for the Playstation 4 involves an alternate London where an order of Knights battles to save the world against deadly creatures. As time has unfolded, new threats arise from within humanity which when combined with the threat of the creatures presents even more challenges for players to contend with.

The game looks to have eye-popping graphics and if the action is half as good as it looks, this could be a huge hit for Sony as well as the start of a new franchise.

Watch Dogs


Spring 2014

Originally planned to be available near the launch of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One systems, the game has ran into delays which Ubisoft has said will be used to enhance the game for when it launches later this year.

An open-world game set in Chicago allows players to obtain information from players they pass and then make decisions accordingly. Do you take a pin number and obtain cash from an A.T,M, do you step in and stop a robbery? The choice is up to the players. Players have the ability to hack into systems such as using traffic guards, security cams, alarms, and other technology for their needs.

The graphics look sharp and the numerous options presented to players makes this a highly appealing game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


Due May 20th 2014

The next chapter of the long-running series is set in London and involves a scenario where the Nazis never were defeated and as such have invaded London in the 60s and have taken their dark technologies and eveil to new levels.

Once again playing as BJ Blazkowicz, players must battle the Nazi legions to save the day. Bethesda has some great stuff in store especially since the game is using the powerful and versatile engine that powered RAGE.

Mario Kart 8


May 2014

To say that the Wii U has been a disappointment in terms of sales for Nintendo would be a massive understatement. However the company is prepping some big guns for 2014 and the latest racing game is possibly the biggest release to date for the system.

If you like Nintrendo characters, fast paced racing action, annd fun, this will be one for you.

There are of course plenty of others that have our interest peaked such as The Division and Mad Max, and The Evil Within but we decided to roll with lucky 7.

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