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The 6th hole at Meadowlark Golf Course is the longest hole

Can you discern the solitary, dandelion plant in this photo?
Can you discern the solitary, dandelion plant in this photo?
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

The sixth hole at Meadowlark Golf Course, which is one of two, par five holes, is the longest hole. From the rear, Blue teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 563 yards. (Meadowlark Golf Course is a nine holes, Forest Preserve Golf course at 11599 31st Street in Hinsdale, Ill.)

The average distance to the putting green from the middle, White teeing ground is 547 yards. Four hundred sixty-four yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #5, course hole handicap.

This sixth hole points southeast. The fairway has a slight, left dogleg, and it is wide. Trees are on both sides of the fairway, but the ones on the right side number more than the ones on the left side. A medium size water hazard crosses the fairway at approximately 50 yards from the rear teeing ground. Other than that, no other hazards are on this fairway.

From the rear, Blue teeing ground to the dogleg’s, left angle, the distance is slightly more than half—281.5 yards. Most amateur golfers cannot consistently slam their drives this distance; most drives will be 240-260 yards. As such, it is very unlikely that golfers will be able to reach the putting green with their second shots. Eagle scores will be rare, and double eagle scores will just about be impossible.

As the fairway nears the putting green, its width narrows considerably. This putting green is medium size and oval. Trees are along its rear side. Such trees are also the background for the seventh hole’s, Blue teeing ground.