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The 6th at Billy Caldwell Golf Course is the shortest hole

Having an average distance of 149 yards from the rear, Blue teeing ground to the putting green, the sixth hole at Billy Caldwell Golf Course is the shortest hole. Of course, this is par three. (Billy Caldwell Golf Course is at 6150 N. Caldwell Avenue in Chicago, Ill.)

The tilted trash can makes this an interesting composition.
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From the middle, White teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 139 yards. One hundred-twenty-nine yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #9, course hole handicap.

From any teeing grounds, golfers will be hitting downhill. The fairway’s beginning is at least two feet below any teeing ground’s level. In fact, gravity will attempt to make you run when walking down from the teeing grounds.

When driving downhill, golfers should usually take at least one club less than the club they would usually choose. For average, amateur golfers, the club choice would be a 6-iron, so for this downhill hole, the best choice would be a 7-iron. However, if 10 mph headwinds are blowing, 6-irons would still be the correct choices.

The fairway is slightly narrow. The tree line on the left side is close enough to the fairway to cause some challenges. Unless golfers hit severe slices, the trees on the right side are far enough from the fairway to not be problems. No water hazards or sand bunkers are on this hole.

The putting green is moderate size and oval. Since this green is at the end of the downward slope, golfers will need to apply backspin on their golf balls so that the balls stay on the green. Trees on the putting green’s rear are approximately 30 feet away.

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