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The 5 Tips Pet Owners Need To Know For The Holidays

Puppys first Christman
Puppys first Christman

The holiday season is here. Every year dog owners visit veterinary clinics for the same set of problems related to the holidays. Although their owners are well-intentioned, the dogs can suffer. So I wanted to take a few minutes today to discuss what those problems are and help you to protect your dog.

1. Table Food - I know you want to make your dog happy and do things for him that he likes. That crispy turkey skin, a nibble of baked ham - sounds like a nice treat for a great dog, right? But table food is not the answer. Table food often leads to gastrointestinal (GI) upset. This is really common.

2. Tree Dangers - Low hanging glass bulbs, exposed electrical cords, and unstable trees are just a few of the problems that dogs get into. They chew on the glass bulbs and cut their mouths, chew electrical cords and become electrocuted, or trees fall on them after rambunctious play.

3. Unattended Candles - This is the time of year when cute twinkle lights and burning candles come out. However, these can be very dangerous for pets. Unexposed candles can lead to burned pets or house fires. NEVER ever leave a pet with a lit candle exposed.

4. Tempting Gifts - The contents of some gifts can be dangerous if ingested. Elaborate packaging in particular can be a recipe for disaster. Ingestion of ribbons and strings can cause gastrointestinal foreign bodies that require surgery. Be very careful.

5. Noisy Excited Guests - Not every pet is good with new people and new situations. Some get very stressed. How do you deal with guests and your pet?

I hope these 5 tips help you to NOT do the common things that could spell holiday trouble for your dog. Cheers!

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