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The 5 steps to accepting your craziness

Some people would definitely be considered much more crazy than others in our society. Society in general has become quite fond of smacking labels on everybody and wrapping them up in neat, small packages. However, what actually occurs when somebody actually says that you're crazy?

  1. First, you're called crazy, crazy-town, bananas, or something similar.
  2. You then worry you might truly BE a crazy person.
  3. At some point in time you are able to get comfortable with the fact that you're all kinds of crazy.
  4. Subsequently, one day you get up out of your bed and come to the conclusion that you are now truly pleased with that the fact that you're crazy.
  5. Eventually, you come to the understanding that you're not a crazy person; not in the slightest. What you actually are, however, is way too intelligent to have that intelligence recognized by most.

Being able to accept yourself is essential to having a joyful existence. Others have – and always will have – different views and will constantly judge. The only view that actually means anything is your own.

All of us have quirks, faults, weaknesses, and occasionally something that makes us feel like we're losing our minds at times...accepting your self is a vital key to happiness.

So fully accept the parts of you that are "crazy". Grin and go buy your crazy self something that makes you happy! Whatever makes you joyful. Do a joyful, crazy-looking dance telling everybody just how crazy you are. After all, this is your existence, not someone else's.

Which step of crazy are you at?

This article was written by Joshua Rogers, who most often writes about alternative health at Natural Alternative Remedy.

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