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The 5 services hip Los Angeles parents must have

Who does the Jones family have on their payroll? I have been living in Los Angeles, CA for 24 years and have seen some amazing services being offered to families. Ridiculous or not, here is a review of the hippest services for kids:

1) Feng Shui for Kids

Oh yes, if you are building a new house or redoing your child’s room you must have a feng shui consultant for their room. They will help with toy rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and game rooms to make sure your house’s energy is as good as it gets.

2) Youthologists

The new teen life coach, Youthologists come into families to work with 9-18 year-olds on everything from organization, self-esteem, parent-teen communication and even adjusting to divorce. They specialize in reaching kids on their level, not as a therapist or teacher, but as a mentor and peer.

3) Color Sociologists

For girls especially, getting your palette done is one of the hippest things to do. Color sociologists like Jennifer Butler help both women and men figure out which colors, fabrics, shapes and materials look best on them to bring out their true beauty—both inner and outer.

4) FeldenKrais for Babies

Most women do pilates—so three years ago! New moms of today are taking their babies to do FeldenKrais, a form of massage, pilates and stretching for newborn babies up to age 3. This helps with posture, balance and development for babies.

What have you heard is hip in LA?


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