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The 5 Secrets to Managing Energy Not Time

It's becoming harder and harder to manage your business, time and results not to mention finding personal satisfaction and work/ life balance. In fact, it's twice as hard as it used to be with less resources than ever to get the results expected of us. In a recent study, it shows that work performance is directly linked to personal achievements according to a HBR article Mange Your Work, Manage Your Life by Groysberg and Abrahams. If that is true, we can learn a lesson from this study and determine how to maximize our energy not our time so we can be more satisfied, fulfilled and more productive in life and at work.

The 5 Secrets to Managing Energy Not Time:

  1. Managing the 4 Keys to Creating Energy: The 4 keys are: body, emotion, mind and spirit. Managing your state, and physical energy clearly drives your overall vitality to achieve peak performance.
  2. Know your Strengths: Studies of hundreds of thousands of people show that there are two key factors to create peak performance and they are: self-awareness and authenticity. The most successful people in the world and most satisfied are the ones that fit the role to their talents not their non-talents. (What’s Your Genius by Jay Niblik)
  3. Make it a Must: First and foremost, you have to make your outcomes a must! According to renowned peak performance strategist, Tony Robbins - it takes action to get results, results to gain belief, and belief to reach your full potential. The only way to make this happen is to DECLARE your goals a must.
  4. Schedule your Musts to Become Rituals: Interruptions of your day can be a complete waste of energy. Instead, have a consistent routine that builds habits, processes and systems that will create more time and energy for you.
  5. Have a Plan: You can't hit a target if you don't have a plan and you are actually ‘less effective’ when you drift aimlessly. Lay out your long-term and short-term goals. Make this a habit annually, quarterly and monthly. You are far more effective and a better use of your energy focusing on a relevant, CLEAR roadmap.

Sound obvious? In meeting hundreds of clients each year who strive to get into a high-performance state, it's not so unfamiliar to hear "I'm not sure how to improve my productivity or time management is my biggest problem". Listed below are common examples to harness time and create more energy.

Create Instant ENERGY by Taking These Action Steps:

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. –Stephen Covey

  • Creating Energy: Your state of mind, body, spirit and emotions can be exercised and strengthened. Making the decision to make this a must and a routine will create more ENERGY in your life and business. Remember the law of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, energy, creates energy. I.e. spend time meditating, working out, eating healthy, building relationships, or community service.
  • Finding Your Strengths: You can take a strength finder profile and have a coach walk you through the results if you are unable to identify your strengths. Spending time on your talents and strengths will save you time and create more fulfillment in your life. Experts say that you have to be true to your talents and more authentic to reach a peak performance zone. Find Your Strengths Now!
  • Declaring Your Musts: Simple, we always get our MUSTS in life! Isn’t it true that we always get our musts in life and anything we have declared to change or start becomes more of a focus for us? For instance, stop smoking, start a healthy regimen, start a family tradition.
  • Starting Rituals / Routines: It is known that it takes 21 days or 21 consecutive actions to create a habit so start designing your day and time strategically. Positive momentum creates energy. And, as you get in a rhythm of rituals and routines you become more effective. For example: block out specific times to work out every week, spend time with family daily, check/ respond to emails only 3x per day, or plan your annual family vacations in advance.
  • Designing a Plan: It’s recommended to design a 3-5 year strategic plan. By setting 3-5 years out, you can create annual, quarterly and monthly goals. The most important thing to remember is to set measurable goals. If you need support, find a coach or expert that can help you facilitate this with you and your team. I.e. Annual strategy retreats with your team, monthly huddles, or an annual life planning session with your spouse.

It's not by accident when others you know or even you in a past position or time in your life have been in a PEAK performance zone. Ask yourself, when was a time when I was fulfilled, satisfied, most productive and happy. Most likely you were using many of these five secrets at that time. My suggestion to you is to get back there, you have tools -- they are listed here. Take action and begin managing your energy not your TIME. Energy can create more energy but time is a zero sum game, we cannot create more of it.

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