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The 5 Most Beautiful Secluded Places in the World

Everyone wants to get away from it all sometimes. The city is convenient, but sometimes a vacation can be peaceful. For some, taking a vacation to the most secluded place without even seeing another human being and being around nature alone can be the best vacation to relax the mind. Take a look at five of the most beautiful, secluded places on Earth that are vacation worthy.

Baffin Island, the fifth largest island in the world, is a great way to take a break from the dog days of summer heat. It is an island connected to Canada by ice. Don't bother asking the neighbors over to dinner unless becoming dinner is the aim. The only neighbors are polar bears.

Better hurry up and visit the world’s lowest country, The Maldives in the Indian Ocean, before they are completely submerged under water. The nation consists of twenty six atolls, which are ring shaped coral reefs that include a coral rim that circles a lagoon partially or completely.

Fans of the movie, Avatar, will appreciate Wulinguan located in Hunan, China. Standing over two thousand five hundred feet, its sandstone pillars inspired the floating world in the movie.

For a historically religious travel experience, visit Meteora, Greece to see monasteries that have existed since the 1400’s.

The Swiss Alps are some of the most secluded and highest elevations in the world. Not the average hiking trip, one crosses a glacier to reach Cabane des Vignettes (The Vignettes Hut). But after the long hike, travelers are rewarded with a beautiful view at ten thousand three hundred fifty seven feet above sea level.

In this current lifestyle of always being connected by email, Facebook, and cell phones, many people long for a sense of isolation and quiet. Instead of competing with other travelers to book a reservation at a national park, go where there’s no competition. That is except polar bears and glaciers!

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