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The 5 Cardinal Rules of Dating a Millionaire

millionaire dating tips
millionaire dating tips
dating a millionaire

So you finally landed the woman or man of your dreams thanks to an online dating sites that actually caters for the needs of the members, say for example What great joy! He or she is just perfect, everything you ever wished for in a date and more, more because he or she happens to be a millionaire. As the first date nears however, you begin to get jitters. You want to make the date perfect and to give your date the perfect first impression because you actually really like them but you have no idea how to. Well this is common especially if you met via a dating site, you have no idea if the person will like you in person. In trying to create the perfect impression however most of us end up messing everything up. With these steps however, you may just end up being the luckiest person on earth.

1. Simplicity with class
Yes it is possible. Your date is already a millionaire and so trying so hard to impress them with flashy stuff especially if you are not in the same social class will most probably mess things up for you. Try to be as simple as you can under the circumstances. Simplicity however does not mean that you forget about class. Be a gentleman or a lady, anyway, first impression is everything.

2. Money issues
Never ever, talk about money issues especially on the first date. Financial issues are private issues, of course, you are a millionaire, and your date knows that already. That is enough knowledge for him or her, anything else you say about your finances will make it sound like you are bragging and will probably open you up for judgment. The idea of going out with a person who can speak of nothing other than how rich he or she is, is not appealing at all. Moreover, on the first date you should spend time bonding, trying to find out if you really like your date, if you can cope with him or her. Talking about money issues will spoil the whole date for both of you. It makes you look like a show off.

3. Your exes
Now everyone knows this, never ever talk about your exes on the first date. Actually never talk about your exe on any date. There is a reason why that person is an exe, and that is because he or she is in the past let what is in the past stay in your past. Your date is about the two of you, taking about anyone else makes the room feel crowded.

4. Criticism
Well some people are naturally critics, or they think they are, and that is ok, people are different you know. Why you would decide to criticize your date and especially on the first date however is something no one will ever understand. If you do not like something about our date there may be a polite way of letting him or her know without making the person feel like you are judging them. If you cannot find a way of telling them, shut up about it. The idea of a date is not for you to voice your unsolicited opinions about your date, that is what his or her best friends are for, right?

5. Be yourself
This is another cardinal rule of dating. Ideally, you want your date to meet you, to see you for who you are and yes, you are bound to get nervous, anxious, or excited. Pretending to be what you are not will only cause trouble for you in future when you suddenly realize that you cannot keep up the act. Let your date see who you really are and to fall in love with you. If he or she does not like the person you are, well too bad for them right?
Most importantly though, you need to get that millionaire date before you start thinking of a date. For that perfect millionaire date, try some millionaire matchmaker such as MillionaireMatch.

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