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The 4th Wall Succeeds in Breaking Through

The first Saturday in May is always Free Comic Book Day, so says the comic book industry, and this year The 4th Wall comic book shop celebrated it with a full house. For the event the shop had three talented artists sketching and signing autographs, a writer signing as well and a contest to win free passes to next week’s movie premiere of Iron Man, which will no doubt be a blockbuster hit. All together and you have a smashing success for Free Comic Book Day.

The 4th Wall is an upscale comic shop, yes, you read correctly, it does exist. There are no plastic swivel racks, dingy lighting or any other basement feel vibes. Instead the merchandise is displayed on beautiful glass tables, dark stained hardwood shelves and leather armchairs invite you to sit and relax while flipping through the latest and greatest. As for the merchandise, whether they are called comic books or graphic novels, there is no doubt that they are art, and an art form with a very loyal following.

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The name of the shop, explains general manager Jeff Moss, “is a device used in TV or on the stage and refers to when a character breaks through the 4th wall, the barrier with the audience. That is what we are trying to do, break through between the reader and the comics themselves because a lot of people are intimidated by comics, which sounds weird, but it’s true.”

The 4th Wall
940 St. Jean Blvd, Unit 18
Pointe-Claire, QC
H9R 5N8

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  • Kristie 4 years ago

    4th Wall on Free Comic Day was a blast - as it is every time I go there! I'm so glad you wrote such a great little piece about it, and included some amazing pics to boot!