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The 4th of July and Warriors K9

The 4th of July always brings the same warnings regarding our pets and the celebration. There is a celebration of sorts which happens a little more often and the celebration is for our men and women who have returned after giving service to our country, for each of us. While fireworks are expensive and celebrating the fourth is all about the birthday of our country; it might be nice to celebrate this event a little different this year.

Warriors K9 is an organization which gives back to our countries warriors, needing perhaps a little more stability in their lives and a little help to get through each day. Helps our service men and women become productive members our society again with the help of a service dog. These dogs are specially trained as therapeutic service animals, to fill a space left by the misfortunes of war. This space is frequently one of horror, pain and devastating depression. None of us can know everything our service people have seen and/or experienced, but we can help with their ability to move back into society, by donating, volunteering, and giving a meaningful ‘Thank You’.

These dogs are working K9’s who are specially trained, please accept no less, as this is the very least we as a country can do for our protectors. Our most recent battles in the Middle East have been fought by men and women of our National Guard. Although we have many Active Duty-Military, the National Guard has gone in to support and many times finding themselves in the thick of the action. These warriors came back to lost employment and physical and hidden war wounds. Please look at the big fireworks displays but remember those who made this possible. And then help anyway we can

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