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'The 4th Letter' incentive video in mid-swing in SW Florida (Photos)

On June 21, 2014, the film "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon," which is in its pre-production stage, continued shooting its crowdfunding campaign video. Their shoot dates are from June 20-22, shooting in Naples and Marco Island. Richard Watts is the film's writer and producer.

On film set
On film set
On set, Photo: Deborah Smith Ford
On film set
Richard Watts on film set, Photo: Deborah Smith Ford

The film's production coordinator is Margaret Bishop. According to her, plans for the video to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo have begun with the shooting of this video. The purpose of the campaign is to cultivate an audience and collect funds to shoot a concept trailer.

Yesterday they shot in Naples. Today, this Acting Examiner was invited on location on Marco Island.

There were 17 scenes shot, with a multitude of cast and crew. Some of the cast included Miles Christian-Hart, Austin Graham, Val Kuffel, Jared DeAngelo, Rebecca Hollifield, Zara Amarani, Ty Landers, Asia Danielle Johnson, Margaret Bishop, Benjamin Jacob, Richard Watts, Arielle Watts, Cora Anne Williams, Jasmine Harvey, Laurie Gutstein, and others.

Makeup, hair and wardrobe began by 9 a.m., and between 10-11 a.m. shooting began. One of the incentive's products shot was Calamondin.

In between shooting the scenes there was time for photos and short interviews. There was even sword fighting!

The following people shared what it was like to be part of the film.

"I'm having fun, a lot of fun. I like my roll. My scene today explains who I am, and that's exactly like me! Today, as me, I talk about my film character." - Arielle Watts

"I feel very grateful to be working with such a professional and high energy group. I'm in a constant state of appreciation for this experience." - Austin Graham

"I'm in the middle, so to speak, as I'm in multimedia (sound man). I hear it all!" - Eddie

One actor's wardrobe included a full body armor like that of Ponce de Leon. The actor made it too! He, Miles, had this to share about the armor.

"I don't know how my forefathers lived in these 'tin cans.' They've nicknamed me 'Clank' on set!" - Miles Christian-Hart

Enjoy the slideshow with behind-the-scenes photos. More to follow on "The 4th Letter" soon!

Thanks go to Lori Wagor, and others, with the Marco Island Historical Society (MIHS) where part of the video was shot in the Rose History Auditorium (and in the museum). Thanks also go to all others who helped with this shoot, especially to one person responsible for most of the talent. That person is Geri Muck with Protocol Models on the Gulf. Thank you Geri!

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