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The 4th at Billy Caldwell Golf Course is the longest par 4

Billy Caldwell Golf Course (This Forest Preserve Golf course is at 6150 N. Caldwell Avenue in Chicago, Ill.) is the longest, par four hole on this course—401 yards average distance to the putting green from the rear, Blue teeing ground. This is a nine holes course that has eight, par four holes and one, par three hole.

Like all courses in Chicago-land, this year's, heavy precipitation has made golf course layouts green.
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For the White teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 389 yards. Three hundred forty-seven yards is the average distance to the putting green for the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #3, course hole handicap.

The teeing grounds have elevations of approximately one foot above the fairway’s level. The teeing ground markers are colored, wooden posts. Chicago-land, golf course teeing grounds are rectangular and have two-club lengths of depth with two tee-markers indicating the outside limits. (This is likely the same measurements for all golf courses in the world.) Golfers, you should be certain that you play your drives from within the teeing grounds (Rule 11-4, Rules of Golf). In addition, golfers should not move or get someone else to move the tee markers (Rule 11-2).

Since this fairway is wide and straight, two, accurate shots will allow golfers to land their golf balls on the putting green. A 230 yards drive from the Blue teeing ground will leave golfers with approximately 171 yards to the putting green. A 220 yards drive from the front, Red teeing ground will leave golfers with approximately 127 yards to the putting green.

Widely-spaced, young trees are on both sides of this fairway. (Large gaps are between solitary trees and tree groups of two and three.) These tree lines extend from the Red teeing ground’s front to the putting green’s rear. This fairway lacks any sand bunkers or water hazards.

This putting green is medium size and has an oval shape. Its elevation appears to be the same as the teeing grounds’ elevations. No sand bunkers are around this green.

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