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The 44 tons of marijuana seized in Tijuana seems to lose lackluster of a crime?

44 tons marijuana seized in Tijuana, Mexico
Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Marijuana bound for the United States was seized Thursday in Tijuana. The 44 tons marijuana seized in Tijuana was just across the border from San Diego, California, according to USA Today on May 3.

Nearly 4,000 packets of the drugs were found in a Mexican neighborhood that is often used on the transport route to get the drugs into the U.S. through sophisticated tunnels. Smugglers keep building these tunnels after authorities keep destroying them.

The Granjas Familiares del Matamoros neighborhood was raided with a federal warrant and the drugs were the successful harvest of that raid. There were no arrests made in this raid and it is not clear as to why no one was taken into custody.

It could be that the people cleared out before the raid, leaving just the marijuana behind. Tijuana is notorious for the huge marijuana seizures. Its close proximity to the states make it a prime location for smuggler rings, according to MSN News.

Back in 2012, a seizure of marijuana about the same size as the one authorities got on Thursday was found outside the entrance of a tunnel in Tijuana. Mexico’s largest marijuana seizure to date is 148 tons taken out of Tijuana in 2010.

This headline news of marijuana being seized offers cognitive dissonance for some folks in the U.S. today. With marijuana legal for recreational use in two states and legally prescribed in some of the other states, these marijuana raids may seem to eventually go against the grain. Granted 44 tons is far beyond personal use, but being that pot is legal in some places in the nation, a marijuana seizure even of this size seems to lose some of its lackluster in the fight against drugs.

It is almost like looking at a crime that may soon be waning and finding its way into the history books. Someday marijuana seizures may be filed under how the possession and sales of marijuana was once handled by the law.

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