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The 3rd hole at Canal Shores is the longest

The third hole at Canal Shores is par four, and the average distance from the rear, Blue teeing grounds is 336 yards. This golf course has two, more teeing grounds on every hole—White and Red. (Canal Shores is at 1030 Central Street, Evanston, Ill.)

This photo shows this fairway's narrowness.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

From the White teeing ground the average distance is 315 yards. Two hundred ninety-three yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing grounds. This hole has a #5, course hole handicap.

The third hole’s fairway points north. This is a narrow fairway that is probably less than 30 yards wide at its widest. Trees are on both sides, but there are more on the left side. Golfers who hit far enough into the trees on the left side will see the Chicago Sanitation Canal. (This lateral water hazard may catch golf balls that golfers strongly hit into this area; the ground in this area slopes downward. Even if golfers’ balls are playable in this area, hitting out of it and back on the fairway is difficult.) This fairway is uneven; it has swales, mounds and small berms. This fairway lacks any sand bunkers.

A very small sand bunker is on the right or left side in front of the putting green. (There may be two of them.) These bunkers, whether there is one or two of them, are shallow.

This hole has the smallest putting green on this golf course, probably less than 20 feet wide at its widest point. (Golfers call such a “postage stamp” green.) This green is even with the fairway.

The best way to play this hole is to drive with a 1-iron. Using such a club will prevent golf balls from soaring too high to land in the street or in the canal. However, the 1-iron is the most difficult golf club to hit properly mainly because of its very shallow loft.

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