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The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards return to honor the best in web content (Photos)

While everyone else prepares for that other big awards show next week, tomorrow sees a ceremony of another kind: The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards, honoring the year’s best in new media video content. A vast array of actors, directors, comedians, documentarians, and many more will square off in 33 categories, all streaming live from the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California on Sunday February 17 at 3pm Pacific Standard Time. The event, produced by Tubefilter and Dick Clark Productions, will be hosted by Chris Hardwick, founder of Nerdist Industries, presented by Coca-Cola on Livestream.

Ken Marino and Kristen Bell nominated for BURNING LOVE.
Ken Marino and Kristen Bell nominated for BURNING LOVE.
Chris Hardwick hosts the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards
Streamy Awards

Standouts among the nominees include the Fine Brothers, whose groundbreaking MyMusic web series was flooded with 9 nominations including Best Direction and Best Writing, while their popular Kids React is nominated for Best Non-Fiction/Reality Series. Trailing just behind in more dramatic territory, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn has a lovely 8 nominations, including both Best Drama Series and Best Action/Sci-Fi Series. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, updating the Jane Austin classic for the modern digital environment, looks ready to take on all comers with 6 nominees, including stars Ashley Clements and Julia Cho for Best Female Performance – Comedy. Freddie Wong’s epic feature-length Video Game High School got 2 nominations for Best Ensemble Cast and Best Production Design. And the innovative Bryan Singer-produced H+ The Digital Series gets 4 nominations, including Best Direction and Best Action/Sci-Fi Series.

The Streamys, created by Tubefilter partnered with the IAWTV, have been bumpy in their first couple years. The ceremony was first held March 28 2009, but was absent last year and the year before due to the poor reception of the 2nd annual awards show in 2010. As a result, the IAWTV halted production, later holding their own award presentation in the intervening period. Now Tubefilter has joined with DCP to bring the show back.

You can view the live stream here, starting at 3pm PST, 6pm EST.


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