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The $38,000.00 man, Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy
Ted Kennedy
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It started with a simple poll question that I answered on Facebook. Unfortunately I don't recall the specific wording, but it was something along the lines of would I support the government spending at least $38,000.00 and possibly as much as $68,000.00 to erect a statue in honor of Ted Kennedy. My response, of course, was "no" (putting it mildly). I moved on, reading other news and such, but for whatever reason, that poll has become lodged in my mind. It did serve a purpose however. My mind was set in motion and I began to consider the prospects of that amount of money.

Out of curiosity, I did Google searches asking what each of those figures would buy.  I learned that it can be used to enhance banking operations.  Rwanda spends that amount of money on aids patients annually.  I also found a yahoo poll asking if $38,000.00 million dollars would make me happy.  Of course that much money sounds like a dream come true.  Be that as it may, no amount of money brings happiness.  I digress however.

The latter amount, according to my Google search, was a bit more obscure.  You see, according to Google, the only mention of something one could buy with $68,000.00 is in relation to, you guessed it, a shrine to Ted Kennedy.  

Maybe the government should explain this to the people living with aids in Rwanda.