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The 32nd Annual BolderBoulder

Check out this little champ in the "A" wave! Photo by Dondi Barrowclough.

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Ah, Memorial Day weekend in Boulder. The Creek Fest, the art show, the kiddie rides, the 7:00am start to the world's biggest 10k. And I was there. Next year, we hope you will be too.

The following is my little chronicle of the first BolderBoulder morning I haven't run it in years...anda  slideshow of fun pics I took too.



5:30am, May 31, 2010: It’s about an hour and a half from the start of the 32nd annual BolderBoulder 10k, when the first few waves of more than 50,000 runners will begin the 6.2-mile course through this gorgeous city and finish at the CU stadium, to the roar of crowds filling the stands and cheering the racers, runners and walkers on to their victory.



I live about three blocks away from the BolderBoulder start, and I can’t imagine the  insanity that must have taken over that area. Actually, I can: this is the first year of several that I won’t be participating in the BolderBoulder. I got lazy about signing up, which ended up being a good thing, as I am currently recovering from a nasty virus that hit me out of nowhere about five days ago. I’m not quite sick, enough, to not jog over to the start line and snap some photos of the first few waves.

So, enough of my babbling....go check out the slide show! I was fortunate enough to get some awesome shots, and it was a customarily beautiful Boulder day for it. Go BolderBoulder 2010!

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