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The 3 "see, smell, taste" experiences you must have this year

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Most of us have a so-called bucket list that reminds us of all the things we want to experience before we "kick the bucket." Quite often, the items on our bucket list are things, places, experiences we dream about, aspire to, and fantasize about but we take no real action to check them off the list. We think they're beyond our means to attain. There are some experiences you can move to the top of your bucket list with every possibility of attaining them in 2014. As magnificent as these three experiences are, you can make them a reality.

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For example, the experience your taste buds must have this year is Mast Brothers Chocolate. This handcrafted chocolate is sublime. From the exquisite wrapping to the color and fragrance, Mast Brothers Chocolate rates a place on your bucket list. These guys in Brooklyn, NY, Michael and Richard, are originally from Iowa. Their chocolate is from Ecuador, Madagascar and Venezuela and comes in 10 flavors including the best-selling "salt and pepper bar." If you can't make it to Brooklyn, most Whole Foods stores carry Mast Brothers Chocolate.

Tolu, an intoxicating and delicious parfum fragrance from Ormonde Jayne, is perhaps one of the most wonderful fragrances in the world and one you want on your bucket list.. The combination of pure Peruvian Tolu resin with Juniper berry, orange blossom, and Moroccan rose is sensual and intense enough to have you walking around with a smile on your face every time you wear it. This is the scent you want to be wearing when you dance to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" tune.

A feast for your eyes this year is Villa Contenta, a luxury rental home in Miami on Palm Island. This spectacular six bedroom home is 11,000 square feet of Spanish Colonial architecture, sleek furnishings, and a gorgeous view of South Beach. You and a few of your friends get a private grotto with waterfall, a movie theater, gymnasium, an indoor and an outdoor bar, a volleyball court and super-sized Jacuzzi. Beautiful and luxurious with every amenity you desire, Villa Contenta is an experience for your soul as well as your eyes.