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The 25 best indie games

Let's be honest. These last few weeks have been slow for both news and game releases. Soon, however, soon a good crop of games will be out starting with Broken Age at the end of the month and continuing with Bravely Default, then Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, moving onto Titanfall, and the list goes on.

This is a piece of promo art for Super Meat Boy.
Team Meat

That said, let's take this opportunity and highlight some of the best, most innovative and overlooked games: indies. What would the industry be like without them? These small, experimental ideas led to some of the greatest experiences from the past generation and there’s still tons more on the way. Games like Octodad and Mercenary Kings are looking amazing on the PS4.

Anyway, here is a highlight reel of twenty-five of the best indie games from the past couple of years. They deserve another look especially for those that missed them the first go around. The bonus? Most are criminally cheap now on sites like Steam, or as DLC on PSN. Don’t delay; get some of these indie games today!

For more videos like this, go to ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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