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The 2014 Winter Olympics

The Olympics. Besides the military, the Olympics is one of the ultimate forms of patriotism. Why? Because each athlete makes extreme sacrifices to represent their country. So who organizes the Olympics? The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approximately seven years to prepare for such an event. The Winter Olympics ( or will take place February 7, 2014 thru February 23, 2014 in Sochi, Russia representing approximately eighty-eight (88) countries in fifteen (15) sports. The winter sports consist of the following; Alphing skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross country skiing, Curling, Figure skating, Freestyle skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic combined, Short track speed skating, Skeleton, Ski jumping, Snowboarding, and Speed skating. And although, the IOC already is responsible for the traditional sports planning, maintaining its $51B budget, addressing politics issues, and attempting to reduce the doping in athletes, there are additional concerns such as security, the environment, and social media.

With any international major event, it is imperative to have tight security. Unfortunately, there has been threats and at least three suicide bombings recently. Although there are very strict travel restrictions, warnings have also been made to visitors to take extra safety precautions.

What about the environment? With over 200,000 additional individuals visiting the area, reducing waste is a requirement. For example, packing lighter will collectively reduce carbon emissions. Once you enter Sochi, Russia, the campus has reduced its travel time between events to also reduce emissions. Strategic water and electricity planning is implemented to eliminate water and power overload. And do not be surprised to see recycling centers everywhere. And before, during, and after the Winter Olympics reclaimed materials will be reused for future use.

The world can understand why security and the environment are huge concerns, but what is wrong with social media? Well social media is banned for athletics so they can stay focused during the games. Wow, who knew social media could be such a distraction.

So with all the planning, precautions, etc. For all up to date results, visit Let the games begin!

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