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The 2014 Winter Olympics - Opening Ceremony

The 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia started with their Russian environment of mountains, architecture, etc. which was beautiful. Then their creativity and technology of their country’s history was simply spectacular. With the torch traveling over 40,000 miles, athletes adjusting to a different time zone, and Olympic music one can’t help but be excited for the participants.

The introduction of countries were impressive with each country showing their patriotism as well as their creative olympic uniforms designed to enhance their culture. In my opinion, every athlete is a winner. Think about it, for four years (sometimes longer), this person has sacrificed everything and the amount of discipline required, a typical person can not do. You can feel the pain when the athletes lose and you can fill the joy when the athletes win. But just as life, the hard work you put in, you would not change the opportunity for anything in the world.

So for all the athletes around the world, congratulations in advance for all your hard work. You are all winners and let the games begin.

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