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The 2014 Lehigh Valley Pet Expo Experience

ARF and adoptable dogs.
ARF and adoptable dogs.
Janice Vargas

Canines, felines, pot belly pigs, and, yes of course, their human companions came out to the Lehigh Valley Pet Expo on Saturday, February 1, geared up for a full day of wholesome family fun. The crowds entered the Agri-Plex Building in an orderly yet eager fashion, wet noses and furry heads bumping into the legs of all who passed by. Humans and pets alike interchanged smiles and warm hellos as they made their way through the expo.

View of the entrance of the Agri-Plex building on first day of Pet Expo
Janice Vargas

The showground was filled with tables, occupied by a great number of animal rescue organizations and pet supply vendors. There were agility courses for dogs and pot belly pigs, a comedy dog show, and various educational and interactive programs, including an instructional 30 minute dog behavior tutorial with Canine Behavior Specialist, Bridget Gallagher.

A few of the dog rescues that came out to educate the public about their organizations and encourage attendants to support their efforts, were The Buddy Rescue Foundation, ARF, Linda’s Greyhound Rescue, Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue, and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue.

The Buddy Rescue Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Limekiln, PA set up a booth near the Dog Arena and attracted a lot of interest with their two loveable dogs who dawned on vests with clear side pouches to collect donations. Their display of fund-raising merchandise included sports caps, shirts, and calendars with the foundation’s logo from which 100% of net proceeds go towards covering the expenses of caring for and supporting the animals rescued by the organization.

The Buddy Rescue Foundation’s adage is “making a difference, one rescue at a time,” and it is accomplishing this life-saving objective by placing loveable dogs that are otherwise “considered unadoptable or simply have no viable means of support” into loving forever homes.

Another amazing organization that came out to the expo was ARF (Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc.). Their “booth” was occupied by their ARF van. Their adoptable dogs could be seen from behind glass, relaxing in comfortable kennels. ARF is a “no kill” shelter that has been rescuing dogs and cats since 1974. It is a sanctuary for abandoned and relinquished animals, and offers quality care for their rescues until they can be found permanent loving homes.

Breed specific animal rescues like Linda’s Greyhound Rescue and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue brought their adoptable Greyhounds and Huskies with hopes to find them homes and collected donations. Sunray’s Pit Bull Rescue displayed various visual aids and pamphlets to raise awareness and dispel the negative image wrongfully imposed upon the beautiful and loyal breed. Parrot and Wildlife and Exotic feline rescues like T&D’s Cats of the World and the Lonely Grey Rescue also had booths at specific demonstration areas.

Overall, the 2014 Lehigh Valley Pet Expo was a great success, and attracted hundreds of animal lovers and their pets. Most importantly, the remarkable Animal Rescue organizations featured were able to get the support and awareness needed to continue with their rescue, fostering, and adoption efforts.

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