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The 2014 Jacksonville career fair

Join businesses from around Duval county to learn about new job opportunities
Join businesses from around Duval county to learn about new job opportunities
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Great news for Jacksonville job seekers: The Jacksonville Career Fair will be returning on August 20th! Registration is now open for entrants who wish to receive updates, early notifications, and even job opportunities via email or text message.

The Jacksonville Career Fair is being held at the Jacksonville Marriott and is open to all. The event will be taking place on Wednesday, August 20th from 11:00am until 2:00pm. Job seekers are invited to bring their resumes along with them, as well as to submit them via the online portal at any point before the event.

The complete list of companies in attendance won't be available until August 15th, but the slate promises ambassadors from a multitude of industries, namely: accounting, administrative and support services, advertising/marketing, banking, consumer products, customer service, finance, financial services, hospitality, insurance, real estate, restaurant service, retail, sales, and more.

Employers can also register for the event via the nationalcareerfairs website in hopes of connecting with job seekers from across the Jacksonville area.

Career fairs are a fantastic place for job seekers to network, but more than that they can be a priceless window into the local job market. It's a great way to see what industries and companies are doing the most hiring, at what level jobs are plentiful, and where there are a shortage of opportunities. Even if you aren't an active job seeker, an event like the 2014 Jacksonville Career Fair can be a fantastic way to stay abreast of the trends in your local market. If you have some extra time on Wednesday, August 20th, it's a great way to spend an afternoon. Your career will thank you!