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The 2014 Independent Games Festival Award Results Announced


The very best in video games received honors Wednesday night 3/19/2014 at the Independent Games Festival Awards Ceremony in San Francisco. The 16th annual event honored outstanding development of the most influential games in the industry.

Close to 375 judges evaluated candidates for the 2014 IGF Awards. Those judges then chose the finalists from more than 650 entrants. Some of the finalists were up for multiple awards, including Device 6, Simogo’s visual, textual, hybrid audio mobile game.

There were eight major categories with prizes awarded, Wednesday, in the IGF competition. The Seumas McNally Grand Prize, worth $30,000, went to Papers, Please. From Lucas Pope, this game is about work as a border crossing guard. Papers, Please also picked up two additional awards at the ceremony. It was awarded a $3,000 prize for Excellence in Design, and an additional $3,000 prize for Excellence in Narrative.

In other awards categories, Excellence in Audio, with a $3,000 prize, went to Device 6.
Excellence in Visual Art, with a $3,000 prize, went to Gorogoa. The Nuovo Award, with a $5,000 prize, went to Luxuria Superbia. Best Student Game was awarded to Risk of Rain. The coveted Audience Award for 2014 went to The Stanley Parable.

The awards ceremony at IGF was introduced by Chairman of the IGF, Bradon Boyer. It was hosted by Nathan Vella of Capy Games. Following the IGF Awards, Wednesday night, were the Game Developers Choice Awards, recognizing the best games of the year.

Both the IGF Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards are part of the larger 2014 Game Developers Conference going on through Friday of this week at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. The event is in its 28th year. All of the IGF finalist games are available this week for play at the IGF Pavilion of the conference.