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The 2014 Hottest Health Food Fads in Take-out

Healthful Food
Healthful Food
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The trend for healthful eating appears to be growing stronger. In a recent PRNewswire release revealed the latest numbers on the growing area of healthful foods.

GrubHub did the analysis. GrubHub is the nation's leading online and mobile food-ordering company. They set out to track fads and their crazes in the takeout space. GrubHub's order analysis shows that chia seeds, quinoa and almond milk rank among 2014's trendiest "health" foods.

To uncover some of the fastest-growing health food fads at takeout restaurants across the country, GrubHub analysts examined a year's worth of order data, focusing on foods and ingredients touted for their health benefits. Findings reveal that the following items registered the largest order spikes in the last year:

2014 Trending Health Foods

  • Chia seeds – 140%
  • Quinoa – 110%
  • Almond milk – 110%
  • Kale – 99%
  • "Raw" foods – 59%
  • Gluten-free – 52%
  • Pressed juice – 38%

GrubHub's analysis also considered where these types of food trends are most geographically concentrated, with the following cities ranking highest for their percentage of trending health fad orders:

Health Fad Early Adopters

  1. Boulder, Colo.
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Seattle
  5. New York
  6. San Jose
  7. San Diego
  8. St. Louis
  9. Miami
  10. Austin

"GrubHub order data is an incredible indicator of new food trends," said GrubHub Inc. president, Jonathan Zabusky, noting that GrubHub primarily works with independent restaurateurs who can test out trends and quickly add new menu items. "Menu flexibility like this is a luxury, and it puts our restaurants at the forefront of industry trend-setting," he added.

Additional Health-Related Food Ordering Trends
 Besides identifying food fads and where they're most concentrated, GrubHub's health trend analysis also uncovered additional insights about health food-ordering habits:

  • Gluten-free items, kale and pressed juices are the most popular health food orders, respectively.
  • Women are 44 percent more likely than men to order trendy health foods from takeout restaurants: Hemp seed (110% more common with women), chia seeds (66%), almond milk (63%), kale (61%) and quinoa (57%).
  • Trendy health food orders are 110 percent more commonly placed during breakfast than throughout the rest of the day.
  • College students are nearly 50 percent less likely to participate in these health food trends than the average diner.

This is a good sign that healthful living is not dying; it appears to be recovering from a serious downturn. The majority problem with people switching to the healthful side of things is based pretty much on cost. Grains, greens and beans; fruits and vegetables are exceedingly more expensive than processed and canned foods and products.

The other reason is that we are all addicted to sugar, salt and fat. We are “SSF junkies.” Processed white sugar and high fructose corn syrup are friends of the fat cell. Without them, fat cells cannot expand. Although research has now found that eating fatty foods does not make us fat, it is eating sugar and fat together that makes us fat.

This GrubHub information is really to have. It helps us keep on track knowing that others are out there doing the same thing.

SOURCE: GrubHub, Inc.

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