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The 2014 Green Sports Alliance Summit ended with collaboration in sustainability

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The Bay Area 2014 Green Sports Alliance Summit ended with a stronger collaboration between mentors, vendors, and consultants. Each gained a better understanding of what we can do as individuals to help spread the message about buying green, eco-friendly products, while developing sustainable practices in the sporting arena to help protect the environment.

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Elaine Aye, President of Green Building Services Inc. said, “I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Green Sports Alliance since its inception”. I am an advisory member to a founding group”. “And that’s what the green sustainability movement is all about”. Aye spoke at the summit during a breakout session in which she defined the idea behind the working group that built on the idea of sustainable reporting. Aye said, “It was an idea that germinated years ago back in the late 90’s and early 80’s. Aye explained the frame work behind sustainability standards is to show credibility and transparency in reporting.

The Bay Area 2014 Green Sports Alliance Summit set the stage for the release of corporate sports and event venue sustainability reports. Adding their release of their 2012-2013 Sustainability Report, AEG’s 2014 Sustainability report will then their third bi-annual report released since its inception in 2007-2008. “This is a very exciting time for us,” John Marler, Senior Director of Energy and Environment said. The sustainability program was started in 2007 in the offices of Jennifer Regan who is currently on the Board of the Green Sports Alliance. “We’ve been at this for seven years, Marler said. “It’s been a great culmination of our discovery process,” Marler said. The report identifies areas were AEG has exceeded sustainability goals for 2020 in water conservation, waste diversion and recycling. “It’s really the team the tools and the profit,” Marler said. “For us it’s truly a team effort”. AEG has over 24,000 employees over five continents worldwide. “They all have some components of contributing to the report,” Marler said.

AEG’s corporate office is located in Los Angeles, California. “There is the staff on the ground that who are conducting sustainable and collecting our environmental data,” Marler said. “We manage and operate a lot more venues now". In the period for the last two years AEG has gained more than 71 venues. With only twenty venues six years ago AEG has grown to more than three times its size. "So that’s really the biggest development I think this is just the big change in scale”, Marler said.

Panelists for the breakout sessions Omar Mitchell, Director of Sustainability for the NHL, and Joe Monfort, Manager of Sustainability Communications at UPS also announced their release of their 2014 Sustainability Report. Mitchell said, “The Sustainability Report shows credibility, it shows authenticity in what the platform is about”. The NHL worked with a creative service department, which helped write the content of the report. Mitchell explained that a copy editor alongside a regional legal team help vet the report. Stakeholders were also given the content of the report in order to help develop a stronger sense of what should be placed in the document. “The NHL’s Sustainability Report is a carbon footprint number in which we have set goals and standards,” Mitchell said. “Fans engage us to get the messaging out there”.

Joe Monfort, Manager of Sustainability Communications at UPS said, “The United Parcel Service is the largest private fleet in the United States with 350 million miles driven using a Hybrid Fleet”. Monfort said, “UPS uses information that has been collected through rigorous data collection”. Goals developed by the UPS sustainability report have helped offset carbon emissions through the restructuring of its fleet by busing hybrid and electric vehicles. The UPS has begun to develop a regional and international sustainable commitment to the environment. Monfort said, “There is no finish line to the commitment to what we are starting”.