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The 2014 best pet calendars

Workman Publishing Co., Inc. puts out incredible one-page-a-day calendars; the best for pet lovers is "365 DOGS" and "365 CATS." Enjoy a photograph per day of the worlds dogs and cats; entries are submitted from ordinary dog and cat owners to compete so their pet photos can be published.

You can also get the day's photo e-mailed to you once you purchase the calendar. The photos themselves are remarkable, but the best feature for either is the information about the pet and/or specific facts about a particular breed. For me, the most entertaining pages feature a literary quote beneath an hysterical photo.

And it's not all about pedigrees. The dog calendar, for example, features a "Mutt of the Month." Some of the most amusing are dogs and cats pictured with a number of other animals: birds, turtles, horses; sheep, hedgehogs and many more species. Although the majority are submitted by Americans, there are photos of dogs and cats in recent editions from Japan, Canada, the U.K., Italy; Australia, Spain and Sweden, just to name a few.

The calendars are $13.99 and available in bookstores and online. There are many other pet titles to choose from. It is a very entertaining way to start your day!

Upcoming: continued series on choosing a shelter pet

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