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The 2014-2015 NFL Season and your relationship

The 2014-2015 Football Season
The 2014-2015 Football Season
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The 2014-2015 preseason is over and depending on how well a persons team has done will determine how they feel about the upcoming regular season.

If you are an avid football fan then you know the season starts on Thursday September 4th 2014. The Packers will play against the Seahawks. You also know when and what times the games come on in your area.

For those who are unaware and just in case you are looking for the football fanatic in your house here are the days when the NFL games come on and this is an idea of just when you might find him or her glued to the flat screen.

Everyone knows the Sunday schedules in the Bay Area. The games are on at 10am, 1pm and 5:30pm. For those who love to watch the games this day is usually pretty tied up. Not to mention the pre-game shows, the post game shows and half time reports. See the Raiders schedule and the 49ers schedule here.

The next game night is Monday night. This is the time that no matter if your fanatics team is playing or not the avid football fan all over the U. S. will be watching. After all it is Monday Night Football.

The fun doesn't stop there because Thursday Night Football has just recently been added to the rotation. As previously stated the first game of the season starts on Thursday. At this point one should be in football overload. For those who really love the game, not so much. For the individuals who are in relationships with spouses who are football fans hang in there. The season goes from September until February. The last game of the football season is the Super Bowl. If his or her team makes it to the big game and wins he or she will be one happy camper and all of their cheering over the season would have paid off. See the Thursday night schedule here

Until then make sure that anything you want done or if you want to go out with your spouse it's on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Otherwise you just might be going alone. Now that you know about the NFL season hang in there, you only have five months to go.

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