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The 2013-2014 NBA season fuels the debate on the best scorer in the game

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony continue to play at a high level.
Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony continue to play at a high level.

The past few days of action in the National Basketball Association have been intense and enjoyable for the players on the court and fans watching around the world. Individual performances are all the talk as marquee athletes play at an all time level. Whether it is due to the announcement of the NBA All Star rosters or friendly rivalries; the activity on the court continues to spark up debates about the best scorers in the game today. Opinions aside, watching these players consistently raise their level of play just to have bragging rights over the others is one of the most enjoyable parts of sports.

On January 27 against the Atlanta Hawks, Kevin Durant continued his scoring rampage this season when he put up 41 points on 15-25 shooting from the field, including 5-7 from beyond the arc. The social sphere was ablaze with conversations about his performance; even to the point that the Hawks official Twitter account posted a “Not fair, Kevin Durant.” tweet. Instead of enjoying the moment debate sparked on whether or not Durant is the best scorer in the league today or even should be considered in the rankings among all the athletes that have stepped on an NBA court. Whether people feel he is or not, the conversation will continue to rage on.

Kevin Durant's performance this year has been something to watch. He's averaging 31.3 points, 5.2 assists and 7.8 rebounds per game. He's shouldered the load without Russell Westbrook and done it in a way that has solidified his name as one of the top three, if not the best, player in the game today. In January alone Durant has scored less than 30 points just two times. This run has been every bit as amazing as it seems as he's powered the Oklahoma City Thunder to an eight-game winning streak where they are averaging 108 points per outing. By the way, he's only 25 years of age.

Out on the East Coast another highlight reel shooter has been playing very well all year even though his team is struggling mightily.

Carmelo Anthony sits second behind Durant with 27 points per game this season. Last year he and Durant battled up to the last game of the regular season before he was able to secure the NBA's scoring title. While Durant's running away in the race this year, Anthony has used his last three games to remind everyone that he can put up points as well as anyone. Carmelo has scored 121 points in his last 107 minutes on the court; which equates to 40 points per game. As the Knicks hang on by a thread to the chances of making the post season, it's apparent that Anthony intends on having another high scoring season. Even if that means he leaves New York for free agency at some time in the near future.

As the debates flourish between fans of players such as Durant, Anthony, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant and others, it's clear that there will never be a cut and dry answer as to who is the best scorer in the game. Still, that will not make the action any less exciting as these players take to the court every night almost hell bent to show up their colleagues with high output performances.