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The 2012 4XFall off road event is a success for Rocky Mountain journalists

The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press association (RMAP) represents automotive journalists in the Rocky Mountain region. They prides themselves on providing excellent event which allow their members and automakers to mingle, drive new models and get pertinent information about the products.

Now, lots of people get to play with full-on 4X4s in a challenging environment, and they certainly did during this event, but what about crossovers? SUVs, crossovers and "soft"-roaders are very popular but lack the brute capability of dedicated off road vehicle. Still, there's no reason why these all-wheel drive vehicles can't have fun on a challenging trail.

You see, while dreaming up this event, organizers opted to find ways to challenge crossovers with traction, articulation and handling without bashing them to bits. What we found were exciting ORV (off-road-vehicle) trails near Caribou, CO that challenged everything we had. There was mud, ruts, river crossings and serious terrain for crossovers. The 4X4s had boulders and suspension-flexing terrain to traverse.

When you watch this video, you'll see vehicles from Ram, Nissan, KIA, Jeep, Infiniti, Hyundai and GMC. Every vehicle exceeded our expectations and impressed every journalist. I tell you, if the automakers had enough internal fortitude to participate, they had great faith in their products.

Here is the description of the event:

"This is a one day event on September 13th, 2012. The event begins in Boulder Colorado at the hotel St. Julian Hotel and makes its way up into the Rocky Mountains through the town of Nederland, Colorado and to the ghost mining town of Caribou.

This location provides a selection of off-road trails from mild (or green) to medium (or blue) difficulty. This off-road adventure completes back in Boulder, Colorado.
This event is open only to all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicles with adequate ground clearance of 7 inches or more." Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP)

Here's a sampling of our event schedule:

Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012

8:10 am:GMC product presentation, St. Julian Hotel main entrance

8:30 am: Depart the St. Julian hotel for Caribou

9:30 am: Arrive in Caribou, Colo. elevation 9,800 ft. Begin off road driving loops

12:00 pm: 1st group depart for lunch, sponsored by Ram, at Black Forest Restaurant, Nederland, Colo.

12:30 pm: 2nd group depart for lunch at Black Forest Restaurant, Nederland, Colo.

1:40 pm: Ram product presentation in front of the Black Forest Restaurant, Nederland, Colo.

2:00 pm: Return to St. Julian Hotel via unpaved Switzerland Trail, a scenic narrow-gauge rail bed winding through Aspen groves and past abandoned mining towns. The trail is listed on the National Register of Register of Historic Places.

Pretty cool no? Check out this video and keep an eye out for some fun reviews of these vehicles all over the net!


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