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The 2010 Spring Lawrence Parade of Homes. It's that time again!


It’s time for the annual Spring Parade of Homes in Lawrence, KS! While it’s true the quantity of new homes isn’t what it’s been in recent years in Lawrence or anywhere, it’s still just as interesting and informative as ever.

In fact, this year’s homes list may be more interesting to most folks than it has been for awhile. It’s not news that home sales are increasing slowly but surely and the appetite for a new home hasn’t been as this voracious in years. People are “chomping at the bit” to see what’s new and different in homes, home furnishings and home tech. Perhaps we can’t all have a new home, but we can use the ideas and modify them for our existing homes.   For ideas on color for your remodeling, check out these articles.  There are four I hope you will find informative.

A new addition to this year’s Parade of Homes is the inclusion of a couple remodeled homes that were extensively overhauled to be considered “new” in most ways except the structure and the neighborhood. You’ll find a couple examples of this in Old West Lawrence, a neighborhood that hasn’t been considered “new” for over 100 years! Homes in or near this historic neighborhood are highly desirable and, with the addition of modern conveniences to their local charm, should be of particular interest.

Take some time this weekend or next to look forward to what’s possible for your family today!

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