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The 20 Hottest Female Fighter's For Breast Cancer: The Valentine's Edition

On this Valentine’s Day here in New York City, the weather outside has been a little frightful, which means the weather “inside” has been rather delightful for a chosen few.

Amy, who recently left Powerhouse MMA, is never the less a powerhouse in life. Inspired to fight and dream, she was one of the most passionate women I spoke with about Breast Cancer.
Amy K. Sica
Rachael Blaze, proud supporter of MZ & Emmer's Sports Bra Auction For Breast Cancer on Valentine's Day.
Pakko Serrano

And while Victoria Secret’s may have been revealed, mysteries still lie in things yet unseen. Women are delicate beings in so many ways while possessing a toughness that I as a man can’t really fathom.

They generally fight for what they love – and “who” they love - in a way that separates them from their testosterone laden counterparts.

And so it is today, when they are celebrated with flowers, cards, candy and whatever else a male of motive can muster, that MZ & Emmer’s Sports Bra Auction For Breast Cancer and I will honor a few of them for being noble without it.

My Valentine (Ambassador of Combat Sports /MMA personality, Racheal Blaze), encouraged me to get involved with an endeavor to raise money for breast cancer a few months ago.

“MZ & what? What the hell is that?” I asked her. I cared in a way most people really care about God- not really. Sure, you’ll be polite and express interest, but unless it’s really life and death, God isn’t really considered.

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

So many great things have come out of this for me personally in what has been a very humbling experience.

From photographer Ray Quezada (who shot classy fighter Amber Stautzenberger specifically for this article), who lost his wife Laura to this disease and really educated me about it, to Candace Eich’s introspective analysis of women, society and her role in it.

Just using the eye test- we can all see beauty with both of them open. But it’ll get progressively more difficult if one eye is genetically defective. Over time, the beautiful images of the ladies you’ll see in the slideshow, would be more difficult to see after the defective eye shuts down, causing incredible strain on the one eye that has never understood why it faces such a heavy burden.

It too will eventually shut down- or die.

By deciding to place a bid on the items some of these brave women have made available through the vision of a then 5 year-old little girl name Emma, you can help some real life fighter’s of cancer see a new reality and help others to never see a darker one.

I want to thank David Bayer (the creator of MZ & Emmer's Sports Bra Auction For Breast Cancer and father of little Emma) and his family for all they've done to challenge this through “Keep-A-Breast”. Without fight promoter Kelly Carson, I would have never been able to meet a few of these women - who "fight" in more ways than one -that I can now call friends.

When hate replaces love we’ll embrace it as such. It is a defective quality that has wreaked havoc in society and impacted every facet of life.

Hate is also a tremendous misunderstanding which confuses love before overwhelming it entirely. Can you possibly imagine- how much money it would take to research and defeat that? This is breast cancer, and why we need you.

“Impossible is not a fact- it’s an opinion.”

Laila Ali, former world champion fighter/MZ & Emmer’s Sports Bra Auction supporter and daughter of the most courageous man I've ever known.

Enjoy the "show", and start your bids :)

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