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The $20,000 Grand Prix at the SHP "Strides and Tides" show

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Sonoma Horse Park's last Grand Prix for 2011 took place with "The Strides and Tides" show on Saturday eve, September 17th, 2011

This was a 4'7" $20,000 Grand Prix, sponsored by Summit General Insurance.

Again, a great time for all. And yet again, the winner was the consistently masterful Peter Breakwell and his consistently amazing mount "Lucas".

Lots of compliments to the course designer! It was an excellent and creative course, (probably my favorite so far this year).

The course proved difficult, as there was no clean round until the 14th rider.

This was Robert Blanchette and "Santana", owned by Betty Meyer. This clean round was followed by 5 more, respectively: Sarah Balou and "Absie", Abigail Weese and "Ace", Lindsay Ramar and "Watson", Peter Breakwell and "Lucas", owned by No Drama, and Chelsea Jones and "Magno LS", owned by Dusty Blackwood.

All had excellent rides and efforts.

1st place went to Peter and Lucas with a clean and fast round, as we've all grown to know and expect. These 2 are always amazing to watch: the level of perfection and concentration, the athleticism, the way that they jump, think, strategize and compete as one being, rather than as a horse with a rider. The professionalism simply oozes out of them, as they destroy and conquer every course. Hats off and "Bravo!" to Peter Breakwell and Lucas!!!

2nd place to Sarah and Absie,

3rd to Lindsay and Watson,

4th to Chelsea and Magno LS,

5th to Robert and Santana,

and 6th to Abigail and Ace.

Congratulations to all, you were all excellent this year!

See you in 2012!