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The 2 essentials for hiring a social media manager

Social Media Managers
Social Media Managers
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Many businesses are hiring college students, new graduates or interns to run their social media accounts. It is cost effective and certainly most young adults are well versed in all social media platforms. However, business owners must take into account what type of person they are choosing as the “face of their company”. Choosing poorly or hastily can seriously damage your company’s reputation.

Below are 2 necessities a business owner needs to bear in mind when choosing a Social Media Manager:

  1. A social media manager is the voice of the company. The way in which this person communicates will be visible through his or her posts. You want to hire someone whose personality coincides with the “tone” of your business. Do you run a childcare? Find someone who can understand what moms and dad want. Do you run a not-for-profit recovering alcoholics organization? Hire someone with a sensitive personality. If you own an Ice-Cream shop, hire a person with an out-going, young and fun persona. Don’t assume that because the person is “good with computers” or because “they have a lot of followers”, that he or she will automatically know how to market to your target audience.
  2. A Social Media Manager is the face of the company. Yes, your followers will see the profile of your Social Media Manager. This is often the most overlooked aspect of the hiring process. Business owners often think that the person they hire will be managing just the brand so followers will not see who the manager is. False. If your social media strategy is set correctly, your Social Media Manager will be posting in more places than just on your company profiles and will therefore have to use his or her personal profile. For example, “Pages” on Facebook cannot post to groups. This means that your manager will have to use their personal account to share your events, news, updates and blogs in industry related groups. The same goes for LinkedIn groups. If any of your followers click on the Social Media Manager’s profile, they will be privy to all of his/her public status updates.

What does all this mean, and what should you expect from your Social Media Manager?

First, set rules. It is imperative that you keep a Social Media Contract for your manager (some companies do this for all employees). The contract should outline exactly how you expect the Social Media Manager to conduct him/herself as they represent your company.

This also includes what he/she posts on his/her personal account. If the Social Media Manager curses often on his/her profile, posts pictures of boozy nights out, or even complains about work, you need to either think twice about the hire or include these “no-no’s” in the contract.

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