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The 17 Day Diet: the conclusion

The 17 Day Diet challenge for motivation, encouragement and success is over. The verdict: this diet is a great jump start for a lifetime diet change. It will get a person on track to start eating healthily, especially in the circumstance of a participant who has never dieted before. It is not off putting and does not come with so much science that the lay person cannot understand it. This program is also good for someone who has a lot of weight to lose. More than likely if a person is 20 or more pounds over weight they probably will lose the asserted 10-12 pounds.

Personal note: The 17 Day Diet is like most anything in life. It is not as easy as it sounds and the pounds do not just "fall"off as the author would have you believe. It is, in essence, a "low carb diet" that does not work quite as fast as a traditional low carb diet due to the incorporation of fruits and veggies and yogurt. Speaking of yogurt - the yogurt consumption is intensely high and unless you just love yogurt and yogurt derivatives like Kefir (probiotics), you will be hard pressed to stick to the 17 Day Diet as precisely as it is outlined. Normal people do have cravings on a low carb diet no matter how disciplined one is and the headaches that are supposed to dissipate by day two or three do not.

With that said, cutting back and and making healthy changes is a hard decision, but a decision that is well worth the sacrifice. By the end of 17 days a full 8 pounds were shed and although that is not the whopping 10-12 pounds that the diet plan promised if all rules are followed, it was still a significant victory.

One final note: When a person is within 10-15 pounds of their target weight it is much harder to lose weight than a person who has significantly more weight to lose. The goal in the beginning was to lose 10 pounds and at the end 8 pounds were ultimately lost. No one can complain about that accomplishment.

To maintain the strides made on this diet, the suggestion is to move to cycle 4 (the final phase of the 17 Day Diet). This cycle suggests to stay with a healthy diet plan as a life style not as a fad diet. Cycle 4 also comes with the ability to "cheat" on the weekends.

All in all, the 17 Day Diet is a healthy diet program that if followed will garner results and like anything that is maintained will help you reach your weight loss goals.

For a more complete understanding of cycle 4 and beyond the 17 Day Diet please check out the video at the top of this article.

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