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The 17 Day Diet: Day 7

The 17 day diet is a wonderful concept. It is an entertaining read and in theory it is a very doable program. However, once one has eaten yogurt or yogurt derivatives twice daily for a a week, it gets kind of old, unless of course you happen to love yogurt. Green tea is not that appetizing if it is consumed 3 times or more a day and with no starch of any kind allowed, meat, even the lean healthy meat promoted in the diet, can become quite dull to eat.

The text states that after about a week sugar cravings decrease and mild hunger head aches cease. By this point the body is used to the regimen and energy replaces the sluggish fatigue that most people suffer from when they consume too much starch and carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Fatigue remains and that weak, slightly nauseated feeling in the stomach is just as strong as day 1. Mild head aches sometimes give way to moderate to severe head aches no doubt due to the drastic drop in carbohydrate consumption. Also, by day 7 one would expect to feel a lot lighter and less bloated, but again, this is not the case (at least not yet).

Dr. Moreno does insist that within a few days participants of The 17 Day Diet program will have lost weight, albeit water weight at this early point, but that there should be weight loss none the less. Possibly water weight loss is all that can be confirmed at this point, but there has been no real change in the fit of clothes as of yet.

To be sure this diet is not the oasis or perfect solution to everyone's problems that Dr. Moreno portrays it to be in his book. The menu suggestions though sometimes creative, still rely on a very particular fundamental base of foods. The variety begins to wain and every single meal requires preparation (which is quite difficult if you have a life at all). 17 days have not yet passed. The challenge continues.

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