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The 17 Day Diet: A 17 day trial for motivation, encouragement and success

That time of year has come again (and let’s face it, it will probably come every year if you don’t make a conscious decision to change it). What time is it? Diet time! A mad dash has begun to fit into spring/summer attire that has been lost sight of during the drab days of December. Even the most enthusiastic health professional can get caught up in this time of year and fall off the band wagon. However, conscious ones don’t let it go too far before correcting the detour.

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

Fall came, the days got shorter, you became less active. There was no more bikini body pressure. You got all covered up in your woolen outer wear, then Thanksgiving came…cooking, eating, seconds, thirds and sometimes fourths were consumed to satisfy your warm winter appetite. Finally, Christmas came. Since you had fallen off so severely the weeks prior, you said, “what the heck”, another helping won’t hurt. Now, there you sit, 10 pounds heavier than you intended to be and your favorite jeans do not fit well anymore, if at all.

What do you do about it? Do you sit in despair and pack on another five or ten extra pounds lamenting over the ten pounds you gained? Of course not! You do something about it.

There are a myriad of “diets” out there but we all know that to maintain health and wellness we should strive to change our eating and make healthy choices a lifestyle not a fad of the moment. One such diet plan has the potential to do just that. The 17 Day Diet, by Dr. Mike Moreno. This diet comes in the form of an easy to read self-help book full of somewhat tasty food options and an intimate discussion about obesity. It is also pretty realistic in providing a view that just being “skinny” is not the whole picture, but that being healthy should be the ultimate goal.

The following is a personal account of The 17 Day Diet. It was chosen because of its ease to understand, its focus on healthy eating rather than crash dieting, its fairly easy formula and the reported success of at least three other participants who previously lost weight (and kept it off) on the diet.

The other reason for the trial - a dress - a very special dress to be worn for a very special occasion. For this dress 10 extra pounds must be shed.

In a nut shell, this trial will attempt to fulfill a three-fold purpose; a journalistic review of the legitimacy of a “diet program” that promises big results, a motivational pep-talk to readers looking to shed unwanted, unhealthy weight, even though they may not feel inspired to do so, and a personal account to lose those extra holiday pounds for an important event that every reader can relate to and find encouraging (as well entertaining).

So commences the challenge...Day one:

- 1 container of 100 calorie Yoplait Greek Yogurt in mixed berry flavor (endorsed by Weight Watchers)
- 1 cup of green tea
- 1 bowl of grapes
- Grilled chicken salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil for dressing
- 1 container of 100 calorie Yoplait Greek Yogurt in vanilla flavor
- Several pieces of skinless, filleted flounder baked in the over with steamed broccoli

Note: You may have 2 servings of fruit a day as long as they are eaten before 2 pm. Try to drink one glass of green tea after each main meal. Eight, 8 oz glasses of water are imperative. Fats are only allowed in the form of flax seed or olive oil, either of which you can only have 2 table spoons a day.

Personal Note: Day one was challenging. Sugar cravings were rampant. Sugar headaches arose. Fatigue set in. However, the plan was stuck to exactly as it was outlined in the book in hopes of day two being a little better. The thought of “the dress” always lingered in the back of the mind for added motivation.

Up next day 2 of the 17 Day Diet.

For more details and specific points about the diet plan you can purchase the book from for a great price!

Also check out the featured video for more information.

Want to know why "the dress" is so important? Click here to read all about the up coming event and count down to the dress...

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