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The 15th hole at George Dunne National Golf Course goes north, then north-northe

This diptych consists of a fairway and a teeing grounds area.
This diptych consists of a fairway and a teeing grounds area.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

The 15th hole’s fairway at George W. Dunne National Golf begins going north, then goes north-northeast. This hole is par four. (George W. Dunne National Golf Course is at 16310 S. Central Avenue in Oak Forest, Ill.)

For the fairway to begin going north, then north-northeast, it must have a slight, right dogleg. (This dogleg is 20 degrees. It begins approximately 150 yards from the putting green. )

From the rear, Gold teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 457 yards. From the Blue teeing ground, the average distance is 411 yards. Three hundred seventy-nine yards is the average distance from the White teeing ground. Three hundred thirty-eight yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground.

This fairway’s, first section is wide. However, it narrows considerably 200 yards from the putting green due to a left side, inward bulge. At this spot there is a four-leaf clover-shaped sand bunker. Closely-spaced, medium height trees are both sides of this section.

This fairway’s, second section begins where the dogleg begins. This section starts out wide, and narrows slightly as it nears the putting green. Tree heights and spacing are the same as in the first section.

On the putting green’s, left side there is a sand bunker. This bunker has the shape of three, interconnecting ovals. Although this bunker begins 25-50 yards before the putting green’s, front edge, it is the same length as the putting green.

The putting green is medium size. Its shape is somewhat like a shell around a group (three-four) of Spanish Peanuts, but without the indentations that such shells have. This putting green’s, lengthwise orientation is north-northwest-south-southeast.

The 15th hole’s course handicap is #8. As such, it is moderately difficult. Most golfers who drive 240-260 yards straight down the fairway’s middle can land their balls on the putting green with their second shots.

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