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The 14th District candidates and abortion


Mike Brasovan from District 12

Recently, I was asked to be a guest speaker at an event in Fort Worth and had an opportunity to be introduced to Mike Brasovan, a Conservative Republican candidate for Congress for District 12.

I was very impressed with his ideals and was asked to review his website and blog. First, a little about Mike Brasovan:


Why Mike Brasovan is running for Congress

I want to serve the citizens of western Tarrant, Parker and Wise counties by providing the leadership and problem-solving initiative needed to meet the challenges facing our nation. For too long and on too many issues - such as Social Security, the economy, immigration reform, the right to life and healthcare - the Republican Party has not been leading. This has to change, and sending the same people back to Washington will not bring this about. 

Mike Brasovan

The following article from his blog relating to Roe vs. Wade impressed me. Not many candidates openly, honestly take a stand of this nature:


“Today We Mourn the Loss of Millions JANUARY 22, 2010

Today is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade – the Supreme Court decision that created the right to an abortion. Since that time nearly 50 million unborn babies lives have ended through abortion in the name of health care and “choice”. Ironically, “Roe”, is now a strong pro-life advocate!

Some say life begins at conception. Some say when the heart starts beating. Some say when a baby exits the birth canal. There are many passionate viewpoints.

I believe life begins at the beginning – at conception. Therefore, I am definitively pro-life while my opponent is definitively pro-choice. Kay Granger in her own words.

My belief is born out of logic as much as out of faith. For instance, from the time that an embryo is formed and latches onto its mother’s womb, it begins to grow. Respiration (breathing) and organ development begin. Independent movement and growth take place. If this isn’t life, what is?

Some would say that because there is dependence on the mother’s body, there is no life. Yet if you have held a newborn or raised a child, you know they will be very dependent for several years in one way or another. If dependence is the test for life, then we are on a very slippery slope.

From a practical standpoint, during the past 30 years, we have lost more than 40,000,000 boys and girls, who would have become men and women, through abortion. That is more than 13% of our current population. The longer we continue to sustain these kinds of losses to our population the more we will be dependent on immigration to meet our population needs.

I will fight to protect life by working to responsibly educate on the issue, increase adoption rates and hold both parents responsible for a child.”

In Harris County, candidates stand on pro-choice or pro-life include:

Rick Ramos: 308th Family District Court of Harris County

14th Congressional District of Texas:
Ron Paul (R)* - (Campaign Site) Baptist incumbent, former US Air Force and National Guard, serves on committee on Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, and Economic Committee. Calls himself “strongly pro-life.”

John Gay (R) - School District Administrator & Coast Guard Veteran Supports family values and the right to life.

Tim Graney (R) - Business Consultant “Life begins at conception” and “we should work to protect all life, including that of the unborn.” BUT…on his campaign website, he goes on to say, “I am a businessman, not a medicine man, but there are times when the life of the mother and the life of the unborn are in conflict.  At these deeply personal and trying times, the decision must be left to the family, their faith and their doctor.”

Gerald Wall (R) - Chemical Worker & Army Veteran Started “The Jesus is Lord Festival” with his wife in Freeport, Texas. Website lists “important issues” as: National Security, Health Care, 2nd Amendment rights, Immigration/Border control, and Energy & Manufacturing. No stand on abortion?

Jeff Cherry (D) – Teacher Bankrupt in 2002/2003. Graduate from Indiana State University 1981. No mention of stance on pro-life or pro-choice.

Winston Cochran (D) - Attorney & '98 Appeals Court Nominee Focus areas: a levee in Galveston, improving the infrastructure, job protection, recycling, protecting small investors, tax reform, a strong military, support NASA (seriously?), fight crime, and Habeas reform, No mention of pro-life, pro-choice stance. Promises not to miss church while on the campaign trail.
Robert Pruett (D) - Galena Park Police Chief & Army Veteran
I can find out who he doesn’t like, but almost nothing about what he STANDS FOR.
Eugene Flynn (Libertarian) - Attorney 
Agrees with Ron Paul on 80% of the issues. Main area of disagreement is open borders position on Immigration. Flynn is an Immigration Attorney. In fact, if you take out the word “immigration” from most of Flynn’s online references…it’s pretty empty. Oh, except a MeetUp Beer Lovers Caucus in Dallas with the Irish-American Society.
John Thomas Merrifield (Independent) – Auditor
Professor of Economics in the College of Business at the University of Texas, San Antonio; author of The School Choice Wars (2001) and School Choices (2002). Almost no other information was available. You’d think if you were running for office, you’d have a website and multiple Social Media platforms!


The Republican Primary is MARCH 2nd, 2010.


Stand strong for conservative values: Take an active part in America!


Contact information:

Twitter: @ElizabethMHR



  • Jay 5 years ago

    Yet, this cannot be a "one-issue" campaign! The party's platform should be reviewed, the candidates past record, and the candidates actual accomplishments. Abortion is a serious issue, but so is education, military stand, etc.

  • Tomas 5 years ago

    I disagree a little with Jay. This one issue defines a candidate's character. If a candidate is afraid to make a stand on this sensitive issue, they will probably be afraid to take a REAL stand on any issue. No, this is not a one-issue campaign, but this issue needs to be addressed.

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