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The 12 grinches who stole reality of climate change truth

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For much of the world’s population, climate change—brought on by the imbalance of too much carbon dioxide warming the upper atmosphere—is a settled issue, with 95 percent of top scientists attributing it to human activity.

But even as the acceptance of global warming is becoming more common place, there are stubborn individuals and a huge segment of the corporate world that spends massive amounts of money to promote climate change ignorance.

Grinch number 1 is Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh, who was named “climate change misinformer of the year” in 2011, is the self-anointed father of the phrase “global warming is a hoax.” He has been filling the brains of his ditto-heads audience for decades with the notion that all the world’s scientists got together and decided to enact a fantastical ruse on the American people, because if you “believe in God, you can’t believe in climate change.”

Grinch number 2 are anti-science politicians.

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, who represents one of the biggest oil producing states in the country, has been very vocal in spreading lies about climate change. He wrote a book entitled, “The Greatest Hoax: How the global warming conspiracy threatens your future.” Inhofe is one of 17 out of 22 Republicans on a key science committee that denies climate change.

Grinch number 3 is the Koch Industries.

Billionaires David and Charles Koch come from a rich coal family and they were awarded the 2013 Rubber Dodo Award by the Center for Biological Diversity for their contributions to continue the flow of climate change lies. They pump enormous amounts of funding into conservative attack-dog groups to fight clean and renewable energy projects. The brothers have also convinced more than 400 politicians to sign a pledge to fight climate taxes or regulations.

Grinch number 4 is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC is an ultraconservative, Koch-backed lobbying consortium with a singular goal; to stop anti-clean energy efforts on the state and federal levels.

Grinch number 5 is the Heartland Institute.

The Heartland Institute is a conservative think-tank known for espousing climate ignorance and holding conferences with workshops explicitly designed to debunk legitimate climate scientists and their research.

Grinch number 6 is the tea party movement.

The tea party has been a divisive force on many levels during the Obama presidency. They are supposed to stand for less government and fewer taxes, but essentially they stand against anything Obama wants to accomplish and that includes implementing laws to combat climate change.

Grinch number 7 is the US Chamber of Commerce.

The US Chamber of Commerce has lobbied against any legislation to cap carbon or impose monetary damages for the “social cost of carbon” calling such actions an attempt by the Obama administration to “undermine freedom,” even though damages to business infrastructure by climate events have been devastating and are expected to increase.

Grinch number 8 is Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch is the CEO of News Corp, a media kingdom that includes the Fox Network and he is a blatant climate change denier, who encourages the perpetuation of climate change ignorance and misinformation on his media platforms.

Grinch number 9 is ExxonMobil.

Rex Tillerson is the CEO of ExxonMobil, who recently made this astonishing statement at shareholder meeting, “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?” Evidently, droughts, wildfires, superstorms, hurricanes, floods and other climate catastrophes don’t cause human suffering.

Grinch number 10 is Donors Capital Fund.

Donors Capital Fund is a clearing house for billions of dollars anonymously donated by rich individuals and corporations explicitly for funding more than 100 lobbyists and groups to cast doubt on climate science published by reputable organizations like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Grinch number 11 Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

CEI is a DC group with ties to the tobacco industry which claims to be dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government, but for years it has spawned projects to dispute climate change claims by reputable scientists, often distorting their own research to disseminate lies and misinformation.

Grinch number 12 is Glenn Beck.

King of conspiracy, Glenn Beck, rounds up the 12 grinches of serial disseminators on climate change ignorance, who has had a parade of industry-funded “experts” on his programs without including one single reputable scientist.

A salute to Ari Phillips for his work published on Climate Progress, which contributed to the formation of this list.



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