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The 12 best reasons for including video in your online content strategy

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Many businesses have avoided using video in their blogs and websites for at least one of four reasons:

  • They believe it's too difficult to create
  • They believe they can't afford the production costs
  • They aren't aware of the benefits of using video
  • They have no idea how to get started

Creating online video content is not as daunting as it may seem, and your company likely already has many of the necessary production tools. While there are some costs involved and video production does require some technical skills, the benefits largely outweigh the typical fears and objections.

Here are the 12 best reasons to include video content on your business blog:

1. Viral potential -- nothing spreads online like video. Even poorly produced videos are uploaded and passed along through the dozens of online video-sharing sites.

2. Cost effective -- Dollar for dollar, online video production is quite possibly the best place your business can invest its advertising budget. Video sites are where the people are.

3. Organic traffic -- Video is an excellent outpost to drive traffic back to your company's blog or website. And because video has less competition in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you have more opportunity to rank well for your video's keywords.

4. Ease of distribution -- There are dozens of free video-sharing sites. And with the advent of automated distribution services, such as Traffic Geyser, you can upload your video once and save lots of time. What other media platform can reach such a large audience in such a short time?

5. Site stickiness -- One of the key analytics bloggers and website owners concern themselves with is the site's bounce rate. Because video is a fun and popular way to consume content, you can use it to entice visitors to stay longer and delve deeper into your site's content.

6. Education -- What if your potential clients and customers truly understood the benefits of your company's products and services? Effective advertising involves not pushing the product's benefits, but educating consumers on how a particular product resolves a problem the prospect is facing. Because "seeing is believing," there is no better way to educate your target audience than through video.

7. Branding -- We live in a visual society. Children learn to recognize logos and icons before they learn to read. (Think: McDonald's) When a prospect sees your company's products in action through video, it enables them to connect your company with the benefits your products provide.

8. Perceived Value -- Even though online video is cheaper to produce than paying for a print ad in most magazines, most consumers don't realize that, so marketing through video sets your company apart from the norm.

9. The Human Factor -- Video "humanizes" your company. Think of the emotions evoked by Google's popular SuperBowl ad, which at the time of this article's publication, had nearly 4 million view on YouTube. Videos that tug on a viewer's heart strings are created using a specific formula. More about that in a minute.

10. Repurpose Content -- Recycling isn't just for glass and plastics. You can easily re-work previously published content to create videos. which will save time and money.

11. Anytime Access -- One of the best things about using online video to market your business or drive traffic to your website and blog is that it is accessible 24/7. And some video-sharing communities never delete old files, so not only is it available any time of day or night, it's available, well, as long as the Internet remains.

12. Trend -- Who knows what the next big marketing trend will be, but why not ride the video-marketing wave while it's hot?

So, how can your company attain these benefits? Andy Jenkins, known in the blogosphere as "The Video Boss," has created a series of FREE videos that will show you a 5-Step Formula for quickly creating videos that will engage your prospect’s “Buying Brain” to capture attention, connect emotionally and covert visitors into customers.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create videos scripts on the fly.
  • The best way to find and use graphics and animation
  • How to create visual energy and HOOK viewer attention
  • How to make video without setting foot in front of a camera
  • How to close the customer WITHOUT Pitching…

And much more!

This is a FULL ON Tutorial Video with Andy Jenkins (considered the top video marketer in the business) – No shady teaser content here. This free content will TRULY help you!

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