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The 11th Annual Yoga Journal Live Event continues in San Francisco

The 2014 Yoga Journal Live Event in San Francisco is in full swing.

Yoga Journal Live Event in San Francisco

Friday was the first full day of student classes (the event officially began Thursday with business classes for studio owners), with all day intensives. The classes covered a number of topics, including ‘The Power of Touch,” The Dharma Yoga Method’ and ‘Stop Tucking Your Tailbone and Free Your Lower Back.’

This morning I had an opportunity to experience ‘The Complete One-Day Yoga Retreat’ with Rodney Yee (you may have one of his DVD’s on your shelf, they are sold at Target and Wal-Mart) and Colleen Said man Yee. The husband and wife duo tag-teamed the daylong class. A major focus was proper movement of the spine. The couple has been making the rounds together and has developed easy transitions as they pass the mic back and forth.

We moved through cat/cow, plank and down dog before moving on to backbends, with a bit of discussion in between. The class managed to strike a balance between moderate asana practice, informative discussion and an opportunity to completely bliss out.

All-day intensives will be held on Monday, with two-hour classes being offered on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are planning to make your way to a few classes, plug in SOURCE at check out to get $50 off a weekend 6-class pack.

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