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The 100: The latest science fiction drama on the CW network

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW
The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW
The CW

"The 100" is the newest prime time show on the CW. Joining a line-up that includes "Arrow," "The Vampire Diaries," and "Supernatural," "The 100" continues the CW network's recent trend towards picking science fiction and fantasy programing over contemporary soap-style shows like "90210" and "Gossip Girl" that used to define the network.

"The 100" is set 97 years after a nuclear Armageddon irradiated Earth, destroying all civilization. The only remaining members of the human race live on the Ark, a station orbiting Earth that was cobbled together from the space stations that 12 countries had functional at the time of the cataclysm. Space and resources being limited, harsh rules have been put into place to control society, including a zero tolerance policy on crimes. All crimes are considered capital offenses and punishable by death, unless the offender is under the age of 18. Those who are underage when convicted of crimes are put into lock-down until their eighteenth birthday, at which point their case is retried - and they are usually re-convicted and sentenced to death. Despite the fact that scientists have said that the Earth will not be habitable for another century due to the massive radiation, desperate leaders of the Ark decide to send 100 of these juvenile criminals down to Earth to test its habitability. In a situation reminiscent of "Lord of the Flies", the 100 youths are left to fend for themselves when a malfunction during descent lands them off course and damages their communication systems.

For fans of Science Fiction programs, there are some recognizable faces among the cast. Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond from "LOST"), Richard Harmon ("Continuum"), and Kelly Hu ("X-Men 2"/"Warehouse 13") appeared in the Pilot, but it has been reported that we can look forward to seeing Katie Stuart (Cassandra from "Stargate: SG1" and Kitty Pride from "X-Men 2"), Jarod Joseph ("Fringe"), and Genevieve Buechner ("Caprica") in episodes to come.

If you missed the Pilot when it aired originally, new episode are available the day after airing on The CW's website. In addition to full episodes, trailers for future episodes, interviews with the cast, and photos from the show can also be found on their website. If you are a fan of, new episodes can be found on their website, although there reportedly will be a delay of about eight days between when it is broadcast on television and when it is available on Hulu.

"The 100" airs on the CW network at 9 p.m., following "Arrow."