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'The 100' vs. 'The Tomorrow People': Which show should be cancelled?

The CW network gave an early renewal to several of its shows, including Supernatural, Arrow, Reign, The Originals and Vampire Diaries. The fate of freshman dramas The Tomorrow People and the midseason show The 100 remain up in the air.

Both The 100 and The Tomorrow People are sci-fi shows with teen characters as leads. That is about all the two shows have in common. TTP is a remake of a classic kids show from the 70's about a group of paranormal teens and twenty-something who battle against an omnipresent agency that seeks to destroy them. The 100 is based on a book by the same name and set in future world where the Earth has been deemed uninhabitable and one hundred under aged criminals are sent on a suicide mission to find out if a return to Earth is possible.

Both shows started off strong this season but have continued to lose viewers week to week. TTP had Arrow as a lead in for several months and did not do well in the ratings department according to Zap2it. The show was then moved to a very competitive Monday night where it is pitted up against three strong shows, The Voice, Dancing With the Stars and The Following.

Mid-season pick-up The 100 now has the spot vacated by TTP. In the four weeks since the show premiered the ratings have consistently dropped. This week the ratings for both shows were just about even.

For entertainment value the TTP is much more exciting and well-acted then The 100. Sometimes watching The 100 feels like watching a mediocre high school production. While the lead actress is not bad, the character she portrays is constantly vacillating between being whiny and being a bossy know it all. By the second episode I didn't care what happened to her or any of the other characters on the ground. TTP actually has a compelling character at its center, a kid who finds out that he has extraordinary abilities but still has ordinary responsibilities.

Since The CW has renewed so many shows there isn't a need for both show. Between the two The Tomorrow People should be given a chance. No, the ratings are not great, but neither are the ratings for many shows on The CW including the already renewed Reign.

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