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'The 100' struggles to survive

One of the CW’s new midseason shows is “The 100.” It will air on Wednesday at 8, starting on March 19th. After watching the first two episodes, courtesy of the CW, here are some spoiler free thoughts on the show.

All Clarke wanted was to visit Earth, and finally, she gets her chance.
Cate Cameron/The CW

First off, in case you were unaware, the show is not “the one hundred” (as I first pronounced it). It is “the hundred.” I’m not sure if this changes your perception of the show, but I found it curious that this distinction is made. Any who, “The 100” takes place 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth, and the humans that were able to get out, now live in space stations, like the Ark. There have been three generations of humans born on the Ark. A group of 100 juvenile criminals are sent back to Earth in order to see if it is habitable again. This plot definitely have potential.

Okay, here is the main problem, at least personally, about the show. The 100 are a group of teenagers who are criminals. They go crazy once their feet hit the Earth’s floor, and none of it is entertaining. A lot of the first two episodes centers around the kids rebelling and making new rules, not caring about those left on the Ark. Basically, ninety percent of the people on the ground (they are called the grounders) start to get annoying really quickly. It could be interesting watching kids try to survive, but the writers amp up the chaos of it all. There is not strategy of what would be best for survival. Instead, it is let’s see how much trouble I can get in because there aren’t any adults around to tell me what to do. The second episode begins to show the grounders

There are some decent aspects of the show. The writers do a good job of making the situation and politics on the Ark clear. Clarke and Octavia are both interesting characters who know how to manipulate and read those around them. Seeing the two of them try to achieve what they want in the first two episodes is entertaining, and Octavia may start out annoying, but she does become likable. In the pilot, there is a group of characters that go off in search of food, and by the end of the second episode, you get to know that group really well. It isn’t difficult to start getting attached to them. Also, the writers have set up an interesting situation on Earth, and that is that they are not alone, which is a nice twist if you watch the pilot without seeing the previews. Also, there is a shocking attack at the end of the pilot, but it is also ruined by the previews for the show.

Personally, the end of the pilot with those two twists was the only thing that intrigued me about the pilot. The second episode did improve my impression of the show slightly but not by a lot. Seeing Clarke back at camp helped make the camp scenes tolerable.

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