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'The 100' set to premiere on the CW: What's the scoop on this show?

What does 'The 100' have in store for viewers?
What does 'The 100' have in store for viewers?
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The CW premieres “The 100” Wednesday night, and prospective viewers are anxious to get an idea of what to expect from this one. On March 18, TVLine shared some scoop on why people may want to tune in to check out this new series.

Given the movie screen success of “The Hunger Games” and the expected success of the upcoming “Divergent” series, it makes a great deal of sense for the CW to attempt a show like this at this time. The premise revolves around a group of strangers who end up in a strange place together and they may not be quite what they seem. Many are describing the series as something of a cross between “Lost” meets “Lord of the Flies.” Factor in some good looking, young cast members, along with some recognizable faces and it does seem like a built-in hit.

The story of “The 100” is that a century after Earth was found to be uninhabitable, a group from an international space station of survivors send a group of 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth to see if they can survive. The adults back on The Ark include Isaiah Washington from “Grey's Anatomy,” Paige Turco from “Person of Interest” and Henry Ian Cusick from “Lost.”

The youth dropped down on Earth will have to forge their way to figure out how to survive, how to get along and how to represent things back to those on The Ark, who may have different priorities regarding the mission. It sounds like there are plenty of twists and turns, along with many mysteries ahead. Will “The 100” capture the attention of viewers? Everybody will start to find out as the CW premieres the new show on Wednesday, March 19.